Executive Directors in non-for-profit organizations are often torn between the expectations of the board of directors, funders, regulations and employees’ needs. They are often left alone and must learn as they go. We are aware that hiring and keeping a skilled Executive Director is a big challenge. We also know that a lack of support will result in their failure in the first few months of employment.

The situation is even more critical for newly appointed Executive Directors who must quickly learn to manage human resources as well as the financial and material resources. Most of all, they must learn to manage crisis situations.

We are experienced Executive Directors who have left their mark in various non-for-profit organizations. We are skilled managers who will guide your Executive Director to ensure his or her success within your organization. Solutions Feedback Actif’s mentoring program offers support to determine priorities, prevent conflicts and manage efficiently. Our customized approach will help in highlighting goals, learning how to manage risk and getting the most potential out of your Executive Director.

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