Managers of non-for-profit organizations are faced with an increasingly competitive environment. While requests for services are increasing, resources are decreasing. Managers have to deal with the pressure of doing more with less while bearing in mind the numerous constraints that influence their decision making.

The success of your organization depends on the development of your employees’ full potential and particularly on its leader. Your success depends on the leader’s capacity to make the right decisions and to take the necessary actions to fulfill your organization’s mission.

Our expertise

At Solutions Feedback Actif, we are experienced managers with an extensive background in non-for-profit organizations. We are skilled managers able to ensure the success of your organization through interim management, mentoring, strategic planning, and governance.

Our mission

Solutions Feedback Actif foresees trends and threats and identifies opportunities to implement management mechanisms and principles of good governance that will ensure the growth, efficiency and quality of services offered by non-for-profit organizations.

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